PSA operates a Radical SR3 RS driven by the Director Simon Bathgate. It competes in the NSW Supersports championships which will comprise 5 rounds in 2016.

Between races, PSA conducts “driver experience” and “ride experience” days. There will be 5 of these days in 2016.

Congratulations to the GT Motorsport team on their outstanding success at the Bathurst 12 Hour. Persistent and aggressive but reliable driving by Greg Taylor, Bart Mawer and Nathan Antunes saw them finish 1st in class and 6th outright. The beautiful Audi R8 LMS delivered everything they needed faultlessly all day, enabling them to come home safely after an incident filled race. Bart has been instrumental in Simon’s development and it’s time to give a little back.

PSA’s Radical SR3 at Eastern Creek

The Audi R8 being prepared for Bathurst